braid gold color high quality Ribbon QG4323


braid three different color silver light and dark gold color high quality,Gold Pilot Galon. Army, Navy. Vestment, Gold Military Metallic Braid Bullion Trim Tresses, Gold Gallon French Sleeve Braid , Gold Officer Sleeve Rank Tresse, Military Gold Braid, Gold Fancy Laces, Gold Trimmings, Gold Zari Laces, Braids, Gold Sequinced Trims, Gold Jacquard & Handmade Laces, Silver/gold Mylar Braid, Military Uniform,gold Braid, Gold Bullion Wire Braid, Gold Mylar Braid, Gold Silk Braid, Gold Cords, Gold Braids, Gold Military Braid. Gold Uniform Trim,Our Best Quality, Our Best Prize.


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